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Yeah, actually this is just an „about me“ because the team changes very frequently as I mostly hire freelancers and other companies projectwise. After the project was finished and the client is able to control the project with his own team we go seperate ways and are open for new projects in this crazyly fastly changing world. With this approach I can stay agile and flexible to always be one step ahead without being slowed down by grown structures.


this guy, yes that’s me!

  • Drop out! No offical education
  • Doesn’t like big enterprises as they are boring and not flexible
  • Traveling the world and working remotely
  • Crazy and funny (fine line between genius and madness)
  • Doesn’t like rules
  • Doesn’t like to work at one place, I need my freedom

If you or your CEO is boring, don’t bother.
I am not working for money, I am working for fun.

(Yet, I am very very expensive! Doesn’t mean I work for free)

Some pictures of the nerd in his natural habitat