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Secure Backup Storage

Level up your operation critical backups, by implementing Cyphershare S3 Object storage

Business backup pricing starts at 4.99$/Terrabyte ingress. No seperate egress pricing. Egress is paid by buying download accounts.
Content creator pricing starts at 1$/Terrabyte ingress. No seperate egress pricing. Egress is paid by buying download accounts.

Why Cyphershare for Business Backups?

International operating businesses have to upload and download massive amounts of terrabytes in backups. When down and uploading these amounts of data a lot of things can get wrong. What if a virus or ransomware is already in the backups but activated at a certain date, so you think you have a flawless backup but it is already compromised and you back up viruses over and over again? What if an attacker got access to all download files and loads all your company secrets?

Why Cyphershare for Content Creators?

Content creators mostly want storage which is cheap and with cyphershare it is even better, as the storage is subsidised by selling download accounts. So the audience of the content creator is paying most of the storage and the content creator can focus on creating!

Virus & Ransomware protection

State of the art virus & ransomware protection services are running 24/7 hours and scanning your backups heuristically and notify you when we find something.

Multiple Locations

Your business is running multiple locations with backups? You can back up your whole company infrastructure and store for a low amount. When you need to download and replicate, just buy download accounts.

DDoS Protection

Stay online with our heavy load DDoS protection Suite which automatically replicates backups to less load servers

High End Zero Trust Protection

To give you the best protection for your company secrets we designed our system in a way that we cannot look into your data. Even if we get compromised, you are safe!