is an ecommerce store with the latest hype products which are advertised on social media and TV. The website is more like an interface for automated AI driven amazon and ebay listings. 99% of the clients order via ebay or amazon



is a trading company for large amounts of car first aid kits. It mostly sells directly to OEM and OES but also has an online store for smaller car garages etc.


MF Eventcars

is a renting company which rents out modern and retro cars for wedding, events etc.

Other noteworthy brands

Guerilla Box is a small rasperry Pi based device for guerilla marketing. It is solarpowered and opens hotspots for intranets to „lure“ the target group into „free wifi“ but they can only watch the placed products.

EFW is a travel company which aims to give digital nomads a full serviced digital nomad experience without struggling with locations with bad wifi and other bad work surroundings.