The freelancer without limits

All you need at one place 

You need a server with setup? You need a website?
You need someone to fly to an oilrig to fix some computer problems?
You need an IT expert in a war zone (US or EU governments only)?
Then I am your man!


Just ask, almost everything is possible


Want an amazing website like this one?
Easy peesy! As I did many websites we can do a template website or build an unique website from scratch


Virtual Infrastructures

Every company needs a scalable environment built with latest virtualization technologies to port its infrastucutre into the cloud.


I have crazy marketing ideas to build your brand. Contact me to see what is inside my crazy brain.

Mobile & Desktop Apps

Every company needs good apps which are easy to work with. A company with apps in the cloud will grow much faster. Promised!

Get Everything You Need With Just One Freelancer

I worked in many companies and I know the struggles to organize freelancers. Because 2 IT guys can do the same thing in 2 months for which 1 IT guy would have taken 1 month. So don’t bother with Fiverr etc. just come to me. I will make it work!


No Job is too hard

Send me to oilrigs, send me into the jungle or send me into warzones. Just please don’t offer me boring jobs every IT guy can do.

I don’t primarily work for money, I am looking for cool jobs most people are scared of. Give me an adventure!


I will push your company to next level

But keep in mind that this will only work if you really let me do my thing. Sadly a lot of customers come to me, tell me that they want to progress, want to grow fast and automatically, but then they fear the change of letting their company being led by AI and automated software processes. They then just wasted a lot of money, congratulation!


Work until you die or start automating your Business

Or you have enough money to let your money work for you. That’s the Buffet philosophy. If so, then what are you doing on my page?

Hire me or let me build a team for your needs 

Sometimes you need more than just me. Sometimes you need a team. Why wasting money on expensive IT consultants? Just tell me your project and I will look for a solution.


I get my clients via mouth to mouth marketing

So actually my website is just to test or show my clients some apps or plugins. That’s why I am too lazy to fill the page with tons of infos.

Contact me, but please don't waste my time

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